Australia’s Property Expert John Edwards

John EdwardsJohn Edwards has been referred to as Australia’s residential property expert and guru because his predictions about what will happen in the market so often come to pass.

  • In 2000 and again in 2004 John presented seminars and wrote extensively that we needed to be careful of 2007 and beyond as there was a significant potential for a very serious correction
  • John predicted the boom in Western Australia
  • John predicted the strong growth in Queensland before the recent slump, and in fact advised his readership of the pending slump before it happened
  • Advised his readership to avoid the Gold Coast when all others experts were recommending it. John was right and sure enough the price adjustments happened and in some areas of the Gold Coast they were as large as seen in the last Great Depression!
  • Urged caution in Victoria before the recent down turn
  • So often has made accurate predictions about interest rate changes
  • He is probably best known for his very significant contribution both television and radio, in particular his 10 plus years  on 2UE and 2GB.

What most don’t realise is that if it wasn’t for John then the things that we today use and expect to find when we are seeking out a property would not probably exist. The services that Real Estate Agents, Valuers, Banks and Mortgage Brokers take for granted wouldn’t probably exist. Even the Defence Housing leasing arrangements had the genesis with John.

You want John’s help to find a solution or just gather up some knowledge then email John Edwards.


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