John is a keen clock maker and a member of the Sydney Clockmakers Society.


He designs and makes his clocks from scratch. Yes this means each little screw to each member or part of the clock train. From there the clock case.


His workshop is the envy of many and contains a number of CNC milling machines and both a CNC controlled lathe and a more normal lathe.

His favorite piece of equipment is a Hommel  Mill which has been converted under his directions to a CNC machine.


His personally designed Regulator has been finished and has a number of unusual aspects. The Escapement mechanism is a Pin Escape with a difference in that the pins are held by small bearings to allow the pins to turn as the pin moves across the escape wheel. Equally, you will see from the picture of the clock when it was on the test bench that the crutch for the pendulum is different from normal in that it has been designed to allow beat adjustment and fine adjustments to the effective length of the pendulum and hence timing of the clock.

The Clock_First Run

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